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About Dean and Mary

It was the summer of 1966. Mary had just finished high school and Dean was an aspiring gospel singer. They had no idea what God had in mind for them. Mary started college that year and Dean started touring across the country in an old bus with a southern gospel quartet. It was three years later they decided to marry. It was the summer of 1969. Mary, with one more year of college and Dean, without a clue, they married! Mary (by the grace of God) finished her degree in music and Dean continued to travel. It was a cold January in Nashville Tennessee 1970 when Mary was practice teaching, and Dean left the road. Trying to find their way after three years of hard learning, they began to sing part time. They soon found themselves in South Africa, too far from home for a “part time singing couple.” They still didn’t know that God had a plan. After traveling and ministering thrughout Africa and much of Europe, they began to think maybe something’s up. After moving to Memphis, Tennessee, Mary quit her piano teaching and Dean quit the last of his menagerie of jobs, and they bought a motor home and hit the road. Ministering in the smallest of churches over 300 dates a year they finally heard from God! It was prophesied that they would begin a television ministry. Without any money and Dean still without a clue, God began to open doors, thru Russ and Norma Bixler at Cornerstone Television, Paul and Jan Crouch at TBN, Oral Roberts, T.L.Osborn, Gordon Lindsay and many others. It has now been over fifty years since that night Dean and Mary met.  They have had 49 years of marriage and no children but an Eskimo Spitz, two Shih – Tzu’s and over 45 years in full time ministry.   

They have traveled and ministered in 25 countries and have had two weekly television program for 25 years consecutively that have been broadcast around the world. It is said that some 1000 stations carry their program. The prestigious Angel award has been presented to Dean and Mary twice for excellence in moral media.

Dean’s background in music began as a child in a pastor’s home in southeast Texas. His personal call to the ministry of the word and music is delivered with passion and anointing.

Mary is from a farm family in northeast Arkansas. She is proud of her heritage. Her music degree from George Peabody College for Teachers has not diminished her love for her family or lessened her ability to drive a tractor.  Mary writes most of their music. Her most notable is “What A healing Jesus”, and is sung by the world.

What an amazing, awesome God who chooses the most unikely people.


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